Efficient & Affordable Estate Planning Right At Your Fingertips

Millions of people prepare & file their taxes online, now you can prepare your estate too! Our state-of-the-art system makes it fast, easy, and most of all, affordable.

The Time for Easy, Convenient, and Affordable Estate Planning Has Arrived

The US legal system is expensive but protecting your family shouldn’t be. Many people don’t have an estate plan because they can’t justify many hours of attorney fees. We combined a team of technology experts with Expert Estate Planning attorneys to create a new technology to bring Comprehensive Estate Plans to everyone. Thousands of hours went into the creation of these documents and the software platform to make it so easy; anyone can do it.

It's Easy:

We hate “legalese”. It is an un-needed barrier between you and your plan. We work in plain English, just like you! Follow a simple step-by-step interview with “pop-up help” to explain specific terms unique to estate planning. You don’t need any experience to build a plan customized to you!

It's Fast:

You could be printing your plan in about an hour. Our revolutionary technology streamlines the interview process and our servers compile your documents as you complete questions. You can print your completed plan as soon as you finish the interview, no waiting!

It's Affordable:

Our technology saves you money by spreading the cost of hiring expert estate planning attorneys across thousands of users. Plus FREE updates with an active account. We believe everyone should have the best and most up-to-date estate plan so we never charge when you make changes.

It's Flexible:

Our documents were prepared by estate planning attorneys with decades of experience helping thousands of clients nationwide. Every family situation, asset class, and bequest option is at your fingertips. Our technology allows you to build what you want and keep you in control.

Watch this short video about our program and learn why people are choosing us for Estate and Trust Planning.

Client Testimonial

Listen to a client testimonial about the horrors of probate which made getting an estate plan through EPDocuments an easy decision to make.

Why Probate Sucks!

The law is complex, our software makes it easy

We’ve built our platform to solve these and other problems; because everyone should have access to affordable, attorney-drafted solutions to protect their family and give them peace of mind.

EPDocs Deep Dive with a 20yr+ Tax Attorney

Covered in this zoom call:

- Background

- Accuracy of Documents

- Information Integrity

- Confidentiality

- Attorney Involvement and Review

- Fraud and Lawsuits

And much more , , ,

Estate Planning and Trusts Simplified for Everyone

Fully customizable, attorney-drafted plan at your fingertips. No waiting, no travel, and no big lawyer bills!

Rather than having to take your time and be inconvenienced to visit with an attorney face to face, through the power of the internet and technology our experts bring the entire process direct to you via the internet. No waiting, no travel, no big money lawyer bills. Instead, you have the convenience to complete the interview on your time and at your leisure. No big legal bill.

Our software and removing attorney visits and fees from the picture enables us to price your comprehensive plan at a small fraction of what you would have to pay otherwise. Plus, you get far more benefits than through the traditional process, all are made possible through the power of technology!

Did we mention Convenience?

Technology to build your Estate Plan Portfolio in your own home!

Consider how technology and the internet have impacted your life in the past 5, 10, or 20 years. Every day there’s something new with so much change that many of us turn our backs on what is happening and try to “hang onto” old ways. In many cases, that is ok however when it comes to estate planning that is not the thing to do. You wouldn’t think of not doing your taxes so in much the same way as turbo tax and other software programs have changed the process of filing taxes for the good, EPDocuments has done the same thing for estate planning. Welcome to our world, where estate planning law meets technology and you win big!

And our licensed Estate Planning Coordinators will help you put together your custom plan for you at your convenience.

Watch Our Estate Planning Workshop (22 minutes)

What Is The Process?

Our Software Concierge will guide you every step of the way to complete your full estate plan according to exactly your wishes.

1) First step is to schedule a short zoom meeting discovery call with our software concierge so we can scope out exactly the estate plan type that will suit your needs

2) Then we will have you to fill out a short online encrypted data form so we may begin putting your custom estate plan together.

3) Next we will conduct another short zoom meeting to confirm your decisions from which we will assemble the proper legal documents that will make up your estate plan.

4) We will then send the documents out to you for you to get it notarized, signed and witnessed, and then send it back to us to digitize and upload into our secure encrypted document cloud for safekeeping. We will send the original back to you for your records.

5) Finally we will help you fund your trust, meaning we will help you put YOUR assets into the trust so that your estate plan will perform the job it was designed to do - bypass probate and go directly to your beneficiaries the way you want. This will be zoom meeting to ensure that we capture all your assets to be placed in the trust.

Decades of estate planning experience, plus years of software development, combine to put a comprehensive Estate Plan, customized to the needs of your family, in your hands in just a few minutes!

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